Wikileaks – Underground

Wikilieaks Underground
Nerve centre: Super-servers which act for storage for many companies are also used by WikiLeaks to store its information

Nerve centre : Super-Server yang bertindak sebagai tempat penyimpanan utama Wikileaks

Wikileaks Underground
U-boat back-up: Submarine engines are used as emergency generators at the Bahnhof internet service provider, in Stockholm, Sweden

U-boat back-up : Mesin Kapalselam yang digunakan sebagai Generator darurat

Wikileaks Underground
Chilly reception: The bunker, drilled into granite under the Vita Berg Park, could withstand a nuclear attack

Chilly reception : Bunker yang bahkan bisa bertahan dari serangan nuklir

Plant life: The offices feature lunar-landscape flooring, glass corridors and a ‘floating’ conference room

Space age: Under Swedish law, WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange cannot be prosecuted for publishing the sensitive information

Rock solid: The entrance to the Pionen high-security computer storage facility

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