Quidditch World Cup

As it turned out that the fictional, invented from scratch the game has become very real sport? In Quidditch played in 400 colleges, and recently held its fourth World Cup in this fabulous sport. Quidditch, which is an interesting combination of many elements of rugby, field hockey and running with disabilities, came up with an English writer JK Rowling, to give children and adults to the magical world of Harry Potter. In the real world for the first time began to play Quidditch Middlebury College students. The only thing that distinguishes them from the book’s characters, is that they do not fly on broomsticks. Below is a selection of photos from the 4 th World Cup Quidditch, which was held in New York’s Park in De Witt Clinton, 13 and 14 November.

1. Little spectator “flies” on a magic broom Harry Potter during the 4 World Cup Quidditch in New York, held on 13 November. (EMMANUEL DUNAND / AFP / Getty Images)

2. Competition between players from McGill University and Villanova University. (EMMANUEL DUNAND / AFP / Getty Images)

3. Cheering their team. A total of Quidditch World Cup involved 46 teams. (EMMANUEL DUNAND / AFP / Getty Images)

4. Warm up before the match. The championship was attended by over 700 players. (EMMANUEL DUNAND / AFP / Getty Images)

5. An exciting battle on the field between the player the University of Stony Brook (right) and Chelsea Goliam from the University of Mc Gill. (EMMANUEL DUNAND / AFP / Getty Images)

6. Players of the University of Vilanova from the stands root for their team, which tries to hit the ball at the University of Mc Gill team. (EMMANUEL DUNAND / AFP / Getty Images)

7. At the start the player the University of Vilanova. (EMMANUEL DUNAND / AFP / Getty Images)

8. An essential attribute of a player in Quidditch – Broom. (EMMANUEL DUNAND / AFP / Getty Images)

9. An exciting game in the De Witt Clinton Park, did not leave the audience indifferent. (EMMANUEL DUNAND / AFP / Getty Images)

10. Players from the University of Pittsburgh celebrates victory after the match. (EMMANUEL DUNAND / AFP / Getty Images)

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