Beauty with some elemets missing [Cantik,…..tapi……]

This is a real torture. I mean WTF!!! Why do they have such beautiful bodies and such ugly faces? That’s a big question. But everything can be changed with a little help of turned-off lights (a bag on the face works too). Once I met a girl that was hot, everybody was just staring at her. At the first moment I didn’t notice at all how much makeup she had, but I found out that much latter in a wrong moment. I was “playing” with her in my room, and in the morning I opened my eyes and i was scared to death. So i recommend you to be very careful, or get up a little bit early and run home 😀

Ini adalah sebuah tragedi. Cewek2 dalam foto, memiliki bodi yang aduhai. Tapi,….tapi kenapa muka nya harus……jelek si?

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