Short Ladies in the world on Taller Ladies

Despite the fact taller women can become successful faster and easier in the modern world short ladies prove again and again that height is not everything. This article is going to tell you about the ‘mini’ stars that are admired and whose style, habits and behavior are discussed and copied.

eva longoria

1. Eva Longoria – The Desperate Housewives star, who is just 157 cm tall. She is beautiful, smart, and charismatic. She tops various best-dressed lists more often than anyone else. And she is loved by millions.

christina aguilera

2. Christina Aguilera – singer that despite her height of 156 cm believes she can do everything.

lady gaga

3. Lady Gaga – her height is only 155 cm but she has the whole world in her hands. She acts weirdly and dresses provocatively but she is super-talented and that’s what we love her for.

mariah carey

4. Mariah Carey has once said her height was 175cm. Nobody believed her. People say she is about 158 cm tall, but is it really so important? Everyone knows who she is, not because she is tall or short but because she is gifted, because her songs are special and her voice arouses the kindest and most tender feelings deep inside.

kylie minogue

5. Kylie Minogue, who has said she wanted to be taller, believes the secret of her success is not in her long legs but in her diminutiveness. She is 154 cm tall.

nicole richie

6. Nicole Richie is 155 cm and very slim. She looks even shorter than she really is. But her height didn’t bother her to express her talent in designing.

salma hayek

7. Salma Hayek. This Mexican actress’ height is 157 cm, but she acted in more than 30 films and married a multimillionaire.

hillary duff

8. Hillary Duff is 157 cm tall and she feels insecure about it. But despite all this she graces magazine covers and earns lots of money. So, who cares how short she is?


9. Shakira means ‘graceful’ in Arabian but the girl is only 155 cm tall. However, she is a fantastic dancer and singer.

vanessa paradis

10. Vanessa Paradis – petite French actress who is married to the sexiest man on the planet Jonny Depp. And she is only 156 cm in height.

So, girls, whatever your height is you can achieve a lot in this life. All depends on you and efforts you take to get what you want.

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