Mosaic of 300.000 screws

If a person has something to do well, great, better than the others – he does it willingly. And sometimes dedicates this work all their lives. So it was with an Albanian artist record Saimirom Strathy (Saimir Strati). He is known to hit the Guinness Book of Records as the author of the very large painting of the nails – about this work, a portrait of Leonardo da Vinci, we are once wrote on the site Kulturologiya.rf – as well as to create a picture of a million toothpicks and another painting, hundreds of thousands of wine corks. And of course, that the artist did not stop there. One of his last works – a picture-mosaic “One Homer” from 300.000 screws.

Portrait of an ancient Greek poet Homer portrayed as the author notes. A screw-pixels are not hammered with a hammer, and is screwed into a board-blade very ordinary screwdriver. And thanks to this work, Saimir Strati for the fifth time became the world record for most part of large-scale canvases from the non-standard material.

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